Pine Flakes or Shavings “Horse Bedding” 14KG

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14KG flakes from natural soft European Pine wood (Strictly Fresh Pine Wood)
Sawdust and Chemical Free
Less than 8% moisture content
100% Biodegradable
Thick water resistant plastic bale-bag
Maximum absorption capabilities
Reduction of respiratory disease and allergies in horses.
Shavings are compressed (Structural integrity is kept and has no effect on the fluffiness of the shavings when spread)
Shaving bales can be stored for long periods since it contains less moisture and packed using heat sealed bags (90 micron thickness)

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Pine flakes the premimum Horse bedding is the original mini flake pine shaving. Perfect for horse and other animal bedding. Precision textured for easy picking, kiln dried for extra absorbency. Horse bedding, whether pine shavings or pine pellets is one of the bigger expenses for any horse farm owner. we recognize the importance of reducing animal bedding costs while maintaining the level of horse care and cost management you require.

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