Petunia, Petunias

2.00 AED

Max Height: 10-45cm Spread: 60cm

Origin: South America Family: Solanaceae

Common Name: Petunia Flower Colour: Mix

Drought Tolerance: Low Sun Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Medium PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: Medium Disease Tolerance: Medium

Per Piece

Petunias are herbaceous perennials, usually grown as annuals, that have become one of our most popular garden plants. The petunias that we grow today comprise a large family of hybrids derived from many species including Petunia axillaris, P. violacea and P. inflata. Petunias are classified into two categories; grandiflora (large-flowered) and mulitflora (many-flowered). The grandiflora petunias have trailing stems and tend to spread. They also have the largest flowers that grow to 5 in (13 cm) in diameter.

*Price is for one plant in a pot

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