Neem Shield, Herbal Pesticide, Fertilizer

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Neem Shield has a broad spectrum of active action against more than 200 species of pests viz. Caterpillars, Beetles, Hoppers, Borers, Thrips, Flies, Aphids, Mites, and many more. It is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, money bees, etc. Neem shield is an herbal-based liquid fertilizer that provides plant nutrients and also provides a natural shield and immunity against pests and diseases. Neem shield being insect repellent natural gum fertilizer, mix with the soil or planting medium provides a natural shield from insects besides supplementing nutrients.

Neem Oil Shield, A natural repellent, a safe pesticide, and a fertilizer.

  • Rich in organic matter which provides stable growth and greenness to plants.
  • Enhance plant natural resistant power by repelling insects for laying eggs and direct feeding.
  • Harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, money bees, mammals, and other vertebrates.
  • It leaves no toxic elements and hence can be safely used on fruits, vegetables, and other food crops to achieve more toxin-free and better quality yield.

DIRECTION OF USE: Neem shield can be used at 10-15 days intervals on all kinds of plants in gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses.

Note: Keep away from children and store in a cool and dark place.

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