Myrtus Communi, ‎Myrtle

40.00 AED

Max Height: 3m Spread: 3m

Origin: Mediterranean Family: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Common Myrtle Flower Colour: White

Drought Tolerance: Low Salinity Tolerance: Low

Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: Low PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Slow Fragrance: Yes

40-60 cm

Myrtus communis “‎Myrtle” is upright, bushy shrub, arching with age, bearing opposite, ovate, glossy, dark green leaves, to 5cm long. From mid- to late summer or early autumn, produces solitary, 5-petalled flowers, 2cm across, with conspicuous central tufts of white flowers stamens; flowers are followed by oblong-ellipsoid, purple-black berries, 1cm long.

evergreen shrub, Myrtus communis, Outdoor Plants, Shrubs, the common myrtle, ‎Myrtle


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