Liriope Muscari, Lilyturf

12.00 AED

Liriope muscari is Stout, tufted, evergreen, tuberous perennial with dense clumps of linear to strap-shaped, dark green leaves, 25-45cm long. From early to late autumn, purple-green stems bear dense spikes of bright violet-mauve flowers, 5-8mm across. ‘John Burch’ has gold-variegated foliage, and bears tall spikes of large flowers. ‘Majestic’ has narrower leaves, and produces tall, sometimes fused and flattened spikes of rich lavender-blue flowers. ‘Monroe White’ produces numerous green-stalked racemes of white flowers, to 9mm across. Requires full shade.

big blue lilyturf, border grass, lily turf, monkey grass


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