Hydrangea flowers Assorted

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30 – 40cm
Hydrangea mix is the most commonly grown species for the cut flower industry is Hydrangea Macrophylla and is available in a vast range of colors. Hydrangeas are excellent for a range of garden sites from group plantings to shrub borders to containers.
Place the plant where it receives bright light.
Water your potted hydrangea houseplant frequently when the plant is blooming but be careful not to overwater. Decrease the amount of water after blooming but never allow the potting mix to become bone dry. If possible, water potted hydrangea houseplants with distilled water or rainwater.
Use a humidifier if the indoor air is dry or place the plant on a humidity tray. Hydrangea is happiest in a cool room with temperatures between 50- and 60-degrees F. (10-16 C.), especially during blooming. If the leaves turn brown and crispy on the edges, the room is probably too warm.

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