Fish Fertilizer for Organic Crops

195.00 AED

Fish Fertilizer for Organic Crops is part of this organic solution, along with a wide spectrum of other major, minor, amino acids and proteins for optimum plant growth and soil health. Proteins act like natural growth hormones, the result will be stronger, healthier and faster-growing plants.  Triple filtered to 100 microns for easy application.

  • Easy to use, just mix with water
  • Fertilizer is an excellent source of organic plant nutrients
  • Ideal for use with indoor and outdoor plants

Fish Fertilizer Organic Plant Food is an all natural, 100% organic liquid fish fertilizer which also includes Kelp, Chilean Nitrate and Drammatic Energizer. Liquid fish is one of the finest natural fertilizers available, containing all the macro and micro-nutrients required for healthy plant growth. Regular applications of fish fertilizer can help bacteria and other beneficial organisms grow and build rich, healthy, well aerated soil.


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