Calathea Mosaica, Network

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The Calathea Musaica Network is a real eye-catcher. Once you have a close look at the graphic, very detailed leaf pattern, it’s almost hard to believe it’s all mother nature’s work. This unique leaf pattern is far from the Calathea Musaica Network’s only special feature. For one, the Calathea has strong air-purifying properties. This means that the plant not only produces extra oxygen, but also filters harmful substances from the air. Another special Calathea Rufibarba Elgergrass feature is the fact that its leaves move around. A characteristic to which the plant owes its nickname “living plant”. Its leaves spread open in the morning to catch the light, and in the evening they close by going upwards. This opening and closing looks a bit like praying hands, as a result of which the Calathea is also called “prayer plant”. The movements the plant makes are so fast that you can actually hear the leaves rustle a bit!
Calathea Network has beautifully decorated leaves and is an unusually graceful plant for any home. The striking leaves of the ‘Network’ seem almost as if etched onto the surface; thin strokes for dark green create a mosaic affect across the leaf lamina. A striking addition to any collection and one of the easier Calatheas to maintain. Calathea plant likes bright indirect light. Too much direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

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